Welcome American Baptist Convention Participants!

Thanks for participating in our study on Clergy and Spouse Well-Being, Emotional Exhaustion and Help-Seeking. 

Your responses are very valuable to us even if your spouse chooses not to participate, or if you are not married. But, if your spouse is willing to participate as well, the answers you provide will be very useful as we seek to understand how well-being, emotional exhaustion, and help-seeking is viewed within ministry marriages. Here’s how we keep this study completely anonymous but link your spouses answers to yours, should they choose to also participate:

We use a unique code generated by this website to link your responses with your spouse’s if you have a spouse that is participating.  You only need one code. If you and your spouse are both pastors at your church, you will need to decide between yourselves who will participate in the pastor role and who will participate in the pastor spouse role. Once you click the “Take Survey and Get Unique Code” button below, you will be shown your unique code.  If your spouse is participating, please give this code to them so they can enter it when filling out the study forms. Or, send them the link you will receive after you fill out this form, and the code will be entered in automatically.